About Us


The Heads of eight private universities in Ghana having recognized the role that their institutions were playing in the area of human resource development in the Country, constituted themselves into a Conference named “Conference of Heads of Private Universities, Ghana” (CHPUG) , now known as “Council of Independent Universities (CIU). The Conference was formed at a meeting held on 25th November, 2004 at Central University, Mataheko campus, Accra, where the Secretariat is currently located.


The vision of the Council is to articulate and promote issues relating to private higher education delivery in Ghana in order to foster world-class standards within the tertiary sector; and to meet the demands of our country’s development. CIU aims to play an essential role in shaping public policies that affect their institutions. These accredited private universities offer programmes leading to the award of degrees and diplomas.



The objectives of the Council are as follows:
• To protect and represent the legitimate interests of members in matters of legislation, policies and procedures.
• To seek representation on Committees, Councils and Boards set up by government or non-governmental organizations concerning university education.
• To affiliate itself with international Associations and bodies involved in both public and private university education.
• To identify and study problems arising within university education and implement solutions in cooperation with relevant government agencies and professional bodies.
• To encourage and promote good practice, professionalism, quality and ethics among its members.
• To encourage increased contacts and sharing of resources among its members and the international academic world and create a strong educational system that would have a global recognition.
• To create modalities for the transfer of course credits by students from one member institution to another.